• Anti-Bullying Skit

       Bullying is one of the biggest problems in most schools. Everyday there are students being harassed and not many people will stop it. It’s not just bullying that is the problem; it’s also cyber-bullying. No one deserves to be bullied in any sort of way. We all have different stories about bullying and I’m sure that none of us wants our future generation to continue bullying.

       In this service project a few members of NJHS will perform a skit about anit-bullying on March 28 and 29 to P.A.E. We want younger students to be aware of the different types of bullying and how to prevent them. We want them to know that being different is not a bad thing at all and be happy just the way you are. No one should change themselves because someone is against the way they think, look or act. I’m really excited to do this project because I want to reach out to young students. It’s time to start spreading the word that bullying will be put to a stop soon!