• Self-Contained Preschool Program

    The Freehold Borough School District offers a Self Contained Preschool Program for three-five year old children with disabilities. Identified children will be screened by The Child Study Team for eligibility. The full day program is located at Freehold Learning Center.

    The self contained preschool program uses the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised. The ABLLS-R, is a device for assessing skills in children with language and learning deficits and is most commonly used in the process of the development of a behavioral program for children in the autism spectrum.  The ABLLS-R has many advantages in guiding the development of a program for a child with language deficits because it is an assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system.  The ABLLS-R contains a task analysis of the many skills necessary to communicate successfully and to learn from everyday experiences.