• Self-Contained

    Multiple Disabilities (MD)

    An MD Classroom contains students who learn their schoolwork in different ways. Learning occurs by teaching the students according to what they know so far. This enables the teacher to introduce what the students are expected to learn next. Each student has their own Individual Education Plan which informs all concerned about strengths and weaknesses. Each school day we all work for academic skill achievement on an individual basis. This school year we have students who try their hardest to achieve as much as they can, in all areas, including social growth and development

    Learning and/or Language Disabilities  (LLD)

    Middle School Learning and/or Language Disabilities Self-Contained Classes:

    A self-contained, Learning and/or Language Disabilities program is offered at Freehold Intermediate School (Grades 6-8). The students in the LLD class receive instruction in all major academic areas. Students are able to receive the required elements of their academic instruction in an individualized or small group setting, while participating with their peers in general education to the maximum extent possible. The LLD teachers make modifications and accommodations to the general education curriculum to provide a successful education experience for each student. Additional support is provided by classroom paraprofessionals. A life skills component is also a part of the program, whereby students develop functional daily living skills that will prepare them for the application of reading and math skills in life, as well as beginning preparation for the work place.