• Second Grade Skill Builders:  MATH

     These are fun games that students can play in addition to the multitude of resources students have access through our Clever portal.  Students know how to log in and access these resources.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  


    Skip Counting

    Balloon Pop Skip Counting

    Select a number (2-10) to count by and pop the balloon that comes next in the sequence.

    Counting Game

    Select a number (1-10) to count by and start counting


    Comparing Numbers

    Alligator Less Than Greater Than Game.

    Hungry alligator eat the largest number. Select the bigger number fish to feed the alligator

    Dragon Eggs

    Rescue the dragon's eggs by flying around the sea, deciding if the numbers are odd or even.


    Place Value

    Three Digit Value Game

    Drag and drop the digits in correct place of hundreds, tens, and ones

    Place Value Fun

    Several Place Value Games

    Penguin Place Value

    Drag and drop place value words on the correct digits.


    Money Skills


    Bank It!

    A coin interactive with three levels; counting, addition and subtraction. A coin manipulative is provided to help students.

    Compare Money

    Compare the amounts to determine which group is worth more.

    Farm Stand Math Game

    Add up the cost of each fruit to provide the total amount

    Lunch Lady

    The Lunch Lady (you) must total the three items on ten lunch trays (one at a time) in three minutes. [Advanced, amounts up to $5.00 used]



    Tally Chart Games

    Use the tally chart to answer each question