• Second Grade Skill Builders:  LAL


    These are fun games that students can play in addition to the multitude of resources students have access through our Clever portal.  Students know how to log in and access these resources.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  


    Alien Punctuation

    Fix the sentence using the correct punctuation and capitalization


    Edit Dan's Copy

    2 levels, pick Level 1 for capital letters and final punctuation or pick Level 2 for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes

    Contraction Action

    Are you ready to burst into action while practicing contractions?! Join the fiesta in "Arcade" mode by tapping/clicking on the correct contraction spelling and using the slingshot to make the piñata burst open or play "Practice" mode to test your knowledge on contractions and hone your slingshot skills

    Penguins on Ice.

    Choose from 3 games: making sentences, picking the appropriate punctuation for a sentence or filling in the correct word to complete a sentence.

    Compound Animal Word Match.

    Connect the words on the left to the words on the right to make animal compound words. Self checking


    Reading Comprehension

    Scholastic Magazines: Learn at Home!

    Scholastic is providing families free access to readings in all content areas and at all levels! Scholastic provides a free username and password for you to input when selecting materials to read.  


    Read, play games, and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends. 

    Into the Book

    Go "into the book" to play games that practice reading strategies! 

    Reading Comprehension

    Free printable reading comprehension - a simple sight word story with significant use of high frequency sight words from the Dolch Word List. Interactive questions included. Read and test comprehension online or print for offline use. (13 stories)

    Storyline Online

    Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars! 

    Main Idea

    The aliens are attacking your spaceship and you must try to defend yourself before they destroy you! 

    Star Fall

    Practice your phonics skills with these read-along stories! 

    ABC YA

    Practice reading and math skills all while playing fun games! 

    Fun Brain

    Play games while practicing math and reading skills

    Free Kick Soccer

    Try and score a penalty shot against a soccer goalie but keep your eye on the target or you might miss the shot

    Heroic Ants

    Choose the correct main ideas so you can help the ant to reach the farthest possible distance