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    Your child will be able to view all of the Letterlanders. They can view their stories, sounds, action tricks, letter shapes and songs. 

    Phonics Games


    To begin the games, your child will need to click on their picture icon, which is located on the left side of the map.  The games will start with letters, sounds, and letter shapes. Once they pass those games, they will automatically move up to new games that review blending, segmenting and sight words.


    Phonics Readers 


    Your child will have many books to choose from to read!  You’ll notice that there are 4 different color bands on the top of the front covers. These books are leveled by different concepts and skills. We recommend beginning with the “red” books and move your way up to “orange”. 


    Please note that this program includes first and second grade skills.  Your child will not be expected to view every Letterlander or read every book.