Park Avenue Elementary Student Council
    Advisors:  Mrs. Fekete & Mrs. Lewandoski

    All students in grade 5 have the opportunity to participate in the student government body of the school. Campaigning and an election will take place in the fall. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from 5th grade classes. Two representatives are also selected from the 5th grade classroom. Students participate in and support such school events as Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration, school spirit days and other community outreach program
    Election procedures:
    1. Student nominees must be a representative or alternate of the student council.
    2. Student nominees can be nominated by themselves or other class representatives in the student council.
    3. Students must write a speech telling why they would like to be an officer.
    4. Speeches must be read by the student council advisors prior to speech presentations. ONLY approved speeches given.
    5. Students may hang up posters, pending the approval of the student council advisors.
    6. Posters may not contain inappropriate language or figures (including real political leaders).
    7. Students of the designated grades may only vote one time and should not discuss their votes with each other.