• Hello! My name is Erika McCourt - and I am so happy to be teaching First Grade at Freehold Learning Center!  Our year is off to a great start - we have reviewed Kindergarten and are now into our First Grade curriculum. It is so much fun getting to know each students and how they like to learn - and how they let me know if they are understanding, learning and having fun. Each student is so different and brings a special personality to our classroom. We are a team in our learning space and the students decided our name should be "Team Awesome First Graders" - and I love it!  

    I am originally from Jersey City, New Jersey and have a diverse background in education. Now I add Freehold Learning Center to my experiences! I believe that if children are going to learn they must feel safe, supported and cared about. When school is a place a child wants to be - learning will happen! Our team has high expecations to be the best First Grade Learners they can be and know that mistakes are part of the process - we are all in this together! 

    I am certified in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language and have Master's Degrees in Educational Leadership and Administration/ Supervision. I am married and have two children, my daughter is 10 and my son is 8 - and a dog named Nessie!  I love reading, going to the beach and watching my kids enjoy their activities: sports, singing and using their imaginations! 

     My family