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    What is a WEB Leader?
    WEB Leaders exhibit the 6 Pillars of Character - TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, CARING, & CITIZENSHIP.  A WEB Leader is an eighth grader who: is sincere, is courteous and polite, is accountable for what they do and don’t do, treats others fairly, is kind and considerate, and plays by the rules (does not cheat.)  
    What does a WEB Leader do?   
    WEB Leaders are trained to work with the in-coming sixth graders and other  students new to FIS. After a small group training, the WEB Leaders will run sixth grade orientation before school starts in September. At the orientation, each WEB Leader will be given a small group of students to work with that day and will be asked to befriend and to help that group during the first week of school with any challenges they may face. They will help other students; plus, have fun!
    WEB Leaders also help with mentoring, building tours, promoting Character Counts, and other activities that come up during the school year.
    If you have further questions about the FIS WEB Leader program, please contact Heather Elkin, at helkin@freeholdboro.k12.nj.us or Jennifer Michal, 6th Grade ELA, at jenniferm@freeholdboro.k12.nj.us