• Based on recommendations made in the NJ Educator Effectiveness Taskforce Report, all districts in New Jersey are required to adopt a comprehensive teacher evaluation program that meets criteria provided by the NJDOE.  For more information about the Teacher Evaluation initiative, visit the Achieve NJ Website.


    The Freehold Borough District Evaluation Advisory Council (DEAC) has been formed with representation for the following key stakeholder groups: teachers, building administrators, district administrators, the Board of Education, parents, and teacher association leaders.  The information on this page reflects the work of this team.

DEAC Members


    Heidi Brache

    FIS, Teacher
    Diane Dispenza
    PAE, Teacher
    Jennifer Donnelly
    Director of Technology and Assessment
    Ronnie Dougherty
    FIS, Principal
    Lauren Filipek
    PAE, Teacher
    Susan Greitz
    Board Member
    Maryanne Illes
    FIS, Teacher
    Nancy Maresca
    FIS, Teacher
    Linda Maya
    FLC, Teacher
    Linda McCarthy
    PAE, Teacher
    Patrick Mulhern
    PAE, Principal
    Jennifer O'Shea
    Director - Special Programs
    Dr. Samuel dela Cruz
    Director - Curriculum & Instruction
    Mary Senz-Azara
    Speech Therapist
    Will Smith
    FLC, Principal
    Joseph Howe
    Assistant Superintendent of Business
    Dr. Rocco Tomazic
    Cecilia Zimmer
    District Supervisor