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Miss Barone

Hello and welcome to my homepage! 
Here are a few things for you to know about me...
- I graduated with my Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Ocean County College.
- I continued my education at Monmouth University and later Georgian Court University. It was there that I received a Bachelors Degree in Art Education K-12 and Special Education K-12.
- I pursued Art education because it is a passion of mine.
-In my free time, I can be found producing my own works of art using watercolor, acrylic, clay and a variety of other mediums. I love combining mediums and creating new and exciting art projects for your little ones to produce! I often use recycled materials when teaching a project to students. I want them to be able to produce their own art while also using everyday materials we take for granted and discard.
-Aside from art, I often hike and enjoy the outdoors with my dog, Loki. What better way to see beauty in the world around us, than to explore the art seen in nature?
-I have been teaching in the Boro for a number of years and love my job! I hope to instill a love for learning and art in your students. Afterall, as Jean Van't Hul (author, mother, artist and art advocate) says: "Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to it's fullest potential!"
- If you wish to contact me regarding your student(s), I am easily accessible by email. My email address is
Lets have a creative and productive school year! Much love    ♥ Miss Barone

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    I am also on Twitter ..   @ArtWithMissB

Class Announcements

  • Hey Everyone!

    I hope you are all doing well. The students worked hard this year and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. Allow me to present, the first FLC Virtual Learning Art Show! Enjoy!! I miss you all and wish you a very relaxing and enjoyable summer. Thank you for your continued support of the arts. 
    Much love,
    Erika Barone
    PS- It may be a bit longer (roughly 7 minutes) but I promise you it's worth it! 😊


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  • Good Morning!

    I hope everyone has a very wonderful Monday. The weather this week is supposed to be beautiful- so I hope you take a moment to open the windows and get some fresh air and sunlight.

    Today's FLC Morning Show, is focused around the letter "Q". Enjoy the following link (if you have not done so already).

    As always be well and stay safe!

    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Wishing you all a vey beautiful day. Remember to take a moment to count you blessings.


    Make sure to send all finished art projects to

    Please include the student's full name and teacher's name.


    Thank you!!

    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning!

    I hope everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. It is times like these, that we can truly appreciate our family and friends who are able to be around for us and  remember those who are no longer with us. Take a moment to count all your blessings for the people in life who support us and give us strength. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and to appreciate.

    I am truly blessed to be able to teach a subject I am passionate about. I enjoy helping foster creativity and art appreciation amongst the students I work with. I hope your students are enjoying their art classes with me, just as much as I enjoy having them in class. While we cannot be together during this time- I want them to know how truly lucky I am to be their teacher. I miss them very much and look forward to returning back to school in September. For now, I am going to start rolling out some fun Summer-inspired art projects. Enjoy and as always stay safe FLC families! We believe in you!! 


    Stay strong, stay positive and stay grateful!

    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning!!


    Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Thursday!

    Make the MOST of the day and stay positive.

    We will get through this!

    I believe in FLC!


    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • monday


    Wishing you all a very beautiful Monday! Remember to submit all finished art pieces to my email.



    Please include student full name and teacher's name. Thank you!


    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning Everyone!


    I hope you all are staying safe and making the most of this time with your families. A big thank you, to the parents/family members who have been submitting their kiddos work assignments! Remember: If you want credit for the work- you need to email/submit work to


    Include the student's full name and teacher's name. THANK YOU and enjoy your weekend!!


    ♥ Miss Barone



    squirrel weekend

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  • Good Morning and Happy Thursday Everyone!!

    Do not forget to...


    ...for grading!


    Email all finished work to.

    Include the student's full name and homeroom teacher's name.


    Thank you!


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  • wed


    Wishing you all a very lovely Wednesday! Do not forget to turn in any work you have completed for art. Email all work to


    **Include the student's full name and their classroom teacher's name**


    Thank you again and have a great day!

    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning All!!


    Just as a reminder, if you have not submitted your artwork for grading- Please do so as soon as possible! Don't miss out on gaining credit for work completed during virtual instruction.


    Send all work to   **Don't forget to include your student's full name and homeroom/classroom teacher's name!** Have a wonderful Tuesday!


    ♥ Miss Barone



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  • monday morning



    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very special Mother's Day!

    Make today a great day!!


    ♥Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning and Happy Friday!! I wanted to take some time to appreciate and give thanks to all the Mother's out there. Whether you are a biological, adopted, dog mom or spiritual mom- Thank you! You make a difference in the lives of your little one's and they benefit from your love, support and wisedom. I commend you for all it takes to be a mom and all it takes to raise your little ones.



    Have a very wonderful weekend and enjoy your special day!


    ♥ Miss Barone



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  • happy thursday


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  • wednesday


    Good Morning everyone!

    The Tiger Team here at FLC, has put together this short movie. It came out awesome, so I figured- why not share with our families? Enjoy! All the staff here at FLC, miss our students! Stay safe and be well families. We miss you!!


    ♥Miss Barone

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  • tuesday

    Good Morning and Happy Tuesday everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Since, we found out yesterday that schools will not be reopening this year, I thought it would be nice to put together a slide show of student artwork. I figured the students will be missing out on having an art show this year, so I would like to help them celebrate all the hard work they have been doing this year during virtual learning.


    If you have pictures of artwork your child has created, please share them with me- as I will be working on this slide show for awhile and HOPEFULLY it comes out as I plan. Fingers crossed!



    As always- please submit all artwork with student's full nae, grade and homeroom teacher's name. Thank you again!


    email artwork to


    ♥Miss Barone


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  • monday


    Wishing you all a very wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous the past weekend. I hope you all had a chance to get out and soak up the sunshine and nice weather. I have uploaded new projects for this week (in honor of the coming Mother's Day on Sunday). All projects are located on the grade level tabs to the LEFT. 


    Don't forget to submit your assignments to      Make sure to include the student's full name, homeroom teacher's name and/or grade level.


    Thank you again for all your help and have a very safe and wonderful day!!


    ♥Miss Barone

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  • may

    Wishing Everyone a very happy and healthy May. Hopefully we will be back to school soon! Stay positive, FLC!


    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • thurs

    do cool stand

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  • Good Morning!

    I hope everyone is doing well. For today, I have decided to share with you, some inspiritional quotes to help uplift our spirits. Please share with you student. 


    Have a great Wednesday!


    Miss Barone

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  • tuesday1

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you are having a very wonderful day and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine (safely of course). As we continue on with social distancing and virtual instruction, I want to say how impressed I have been by the artwork produced by our students here at FLC. I have been getting a lot of positive responses from families, who have made their art lesson a family activity. I think that is an awesome way to help your kiddo while also bonding and sharing quality time together. While this time is stressful and very upsetting for many people- quality time is invaluable and definitely helps students foster security within the home environment.


    In closing, I know how extremely tough it is to juggle virtual learning and keep up routines while working/teaching from home. For the parents and guardians who have been making the time and effort to help their little one with their art lessons, I want to give you a very big THANK YOU. You help to make all this possible for your kiddo.


    Be well and stay safe!

    ♥ Miss Barone


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  • Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone!

    Welcome back to another wonderful week of virtual art. To the LEFT you will need to click on your grade level to find assignments for this week.

    Remember: When submitting assignments please include your student's Full Name, grade and classroom teacher. It is extremely helpful when  I am trying to locate a student in the Genesis grading portal. Thank you again for emailing me all the assignments that are completed. My email is

    As a bonus, our amazing school nurse has shared a wonderful resource for students during this time. Feel free to share this resource with your kiddos if they are feeling nervous about social distancing. This can be a very difficult time for our students to process the events going on in the world. Sharing this resource might help to break down any fears they are having regarding social distancing. Enjoy and I hope this is helpful for anyone in need of it.


    Have a wonderful Monday FLC. I believe in you!

    ♥Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning!


    Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all had a very wonderful week and that you are all safe and healthy during this time. I know today is promising to be a rainy and cold day. If you are struggling for projects to engage your little one's, feel free to click on the Additional Activities tab on the LEFT (once your student finishes their art assignment). I have uploaded a few additional activities that should help to reduce the rainy day blah!


    Parents/Guardians: Thank you so much for continuing to send me your student's artwork. I am very appreciative and love seeing all their wonderful masterpieces. While I love getting the pictures, please do not forget to include your student's Full name, grade level and homeroom teacher's name. This way, I can give them academic credit for the work they have done. It gets a little confusing if the pictures do not include this or come from an email not on file with the district. Thank you again for helping out during this time.


    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I want to take a moment to tell my students how much I miss them and cannot wait to see all their smiling faces again!


    Remember, we got this! We are FLC strong and I believe in you! Let's have a great Tuesday. Open the windows and enjoy the fresh air, while you create some beautiful art! 

    ♥ Miss Barone

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  • Good Morning parents/students!


    Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a very relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break with your familiy and friends. I know that this year's Spring Break was not the usual break from school and that many of us did not get the opportunity to see all of the loved ones that we normally would. Maybe you didn't get to travel or celebrate your holidays the way we would have liked to. However, if you take a moment to appreciate the time around the people you did get to see, you will notice that you were able tobond and conect better with the people in your household. I hope that your Spring break (whatever you did) was enjoyable and relaxing. I hope you got the chance to recharge and get yourself prepared to rock the end of the school year! 

    As we continue with Virtual Instruction, I want to take a moment to recognize and appreciate all the parent's and caregivers who took the time to email and share their student's artwork with me or reach out to talk about the projects. They are a very welcomed email and I love to see my students working, learning and enjoying the lessons! Keep the emails coming at

    Don't forget to check out this week's Morning Show. I had the pleasure to share a quick lesson on "How to Draw Springtime Flowers". Feel free to check it out and try and draw your own!


    Have a great day and stay safe everyone!

    ♥Miss Barone



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  • Hey Everyone!

    It's that time again....


    I hope everyone has a very relaxing and enjoyable Spring break with your familiy/friends. Remember to stay safe and use precautionary measure when going about your days. Be careful but also make the most of a very difficult and trying time. The FLC family has put together a message for our school community....enjoy!

    Some great ideas for Spring Break activities...

    -Pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill!

    -Learn to play a new card game

    -Connect with your family over the phone or online video chat

    -Make some fabulous art!!


    Whatever you do with your Spring break, have fun, relax and above safe!


    I believe in you!

    ♥ Miss Barone

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