• Student Code of Dress

    The board of education, supported by court rulings, upholds its right to impose student dress codes that prohibit immodest or suggestive clothing, dress that would create a disturbance or distraction, and clothing that is unsanitary or creates a health hazard. Students are prohibited from wearing dress that contains obscenities, or leaves the students scantily clad. Clothing that conveys messages that are obscene, vulgar or refer to alcohol or illegal substances are prohibited. This restriction on student speech will be imposed only where there is a well founded expectation of disruption to the educational process or on the legitimate rights of other students or staff. In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A: 11-90, the board of education prohibits students from wearing, while on school property, any type of clothing, apparel or accessory which indicates that the student has membership in, or affiliation with, any gang associated with criminal activities. 


    Uniformed Code of Dress-Rules

    • The code of dress is for FLC students grades PK-3rd ONLY.  

    • Male students will wear pants of the appropriate size and color. Pants should not hang so low as to expose underwear.

    • All clothing must be of solid color free of writing and images (tiny logos are permitted.)

    • No cargo, denim, or any type of jean.

    • Skirts and shorts must extend beyond the student’s fingertip or longer when standing upright.

    • No bare midriffs, immodestly low-cut necklines, strapless, or bare back garments will be allowed.

    • Undergarments are NOT to be visible through clothing.

    Flip flops are prohibited

    • New Students will be allowed a 2 week grace period to obtain proper dress attire.

    • Students may only wear PE clothes on the days that they will be attending PE.



    Disciplinary Action for non-compliance:


    1st offense, student will be warned and parent will be called, send a copy of the policy home.

    2nd offense, parent will be called, lunch detention, and parent meeting will be requested.

    3rd offense, parent will be called, one hour detention after school, dress code will be sent home.

    4th offense, parent will be called and the students will have an inschool suspention, take away a school event.  

    5th offense, parent will be called and student will have out of school suspension, and the loss of another school event.