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    In FLC's music classes, we believe the best way to learn about music is to make music!

    The more music we make together, the more we will learn.

    So in all our classes, we sing, we move and dance, we play classroom instruments such as maracas, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, triangles, and so much more!

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    We do a lot of listening. The more music we listen to, the more amazing sounds we will discover.

    We hear (and sing, and play) music from all around the world.

    Some of the music we experience together was written hundreds of years ago, and some of it was written as recently as this year.

    We also spend time learning how to identify what makes the music and sounds we hear.

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    Music is meant to be shared, so we make most of our music together as a group.

    But sharing can also happen when someone has something special to offer, so there are times when we listen to each other's music.


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    Most of all, at FLC we believe that music is FUN and music is for EVERYONE!

    By exploring many types of musical experiences, lots of ways to make music, and all different musical styles,

    we give every student the chance to find their happiness in music. 

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