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     Mrs. Sue Scalgione RN
    Mrs. Anita Traynor Office Secretary
    Nurse’s Office in PAE/FIS complex
    Email: susans@freeholdboro.k12.nj.us
    Phone # and extension:732-761-2127
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    The job of a school nurse is multifaceted and never boring. As the school nurse in Freehold Borough, I am responsible for managing the health and well being of over 900 students and 90+ staff member through physical assessment, basic first-aid, health education, medication administration, accurate record keeping and lots of TLC. I interact with over 70 students, parents/families and staff members per day and assist them in whatever health related issues that present themselves. I am an excellent resource for all who attempt to manage their own medical needs through the complicated world of accessible health care.
    With over 25 years of experience working in the Emergency Room, I am confident in my nursing judgment and I never hesitate to access advanced medical care when necessary. Every interaction with my students and staff members results in health education of some kind. I use every opportunity to educate them on how to care for themselves so they are self sufficient and less anxious about their personal health.
    I am also a certified personal trainer and understand how to fuel and exercise the human body to live a healthy and energetic life. With the obesity epidemic in children rising, my goal is to educate the students in making healthy choices in eating and physical activity whenever possible. I am a fierce school sports advocate and encourage all students to get involved in sports. Studies have shown that being involved in school sponsored athletics leads to better health, better grades and more self confidence. Who couldn't use a little more self confidence??
    As you can see....School Nursing is about a lot more than ice packs and Band-Aids! It is the best job on the planet and gives me the opportunity to make a lasting impact on so many lives!

    Sue Scalgione: ER Nurse

    Per Diem Staff in the Emergency Department: I manage the medical treatment of multiple ER patients with compassion, expertise and professionalism, all while providing them with valuable information about their present illness and disposition. I treat all patients as if they are family so they receive care with respect and dignity. I attempt to keep all my patients informed as to their status in the treatment plan so they are at ease.
    Because my full-time position is a school nurse in neighboring Freehold Borough, I work approximately 2 shifts per month during the school year then increase my hours to near full-time during the summer months when school is out of session. It is a very nice variation for me personally and allows me to mesh my experiences together. As a result I am comfortable handling school aged children and families in the ED and at ease when handling medical emergencies at the school.
    I have the best of everything!