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Anti-Bullying Contacts

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Anti-Bullying Contacts

Mr. John Brovak is the Freehold Borough District's Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Mr. Brovak can be reached at (732) 761-2152 or by email at

 Mr. Brovak
 Park Avenue Complex
  280 Park Avenue Freehold New Jersey, 07728
 (732) 761-2152

Mrs. Kari Schmidt is Freehold Learning Center's Guidance Counselor and the school's Anti-Bullying Specialist. Mrs. Schmidt can be reached at (732) 761-2201 or by email at

 Mrs. Kari Schmidt
 Freehold Learning Center
 30 Dutch Lane Road Freehold New Jersey, 07728
 (732) 761-2201

To read more about New Jersey's anti-bullying legislation, Click Here.