Virtual Learning Wednesday March 18, 2020

Good Morning Students and Parents,


Today is Wednesday March 18, 2020.

I hope everyone is staying safe and taking precautions by continuing to wash hand and cover their coughs/sneezes. Remember: To avoid large social gatherings and be cautious to keep a safe distance from anyone who possibly is sick. Be safe everyone!

I am so excited to see that you have found my Teacher Page. On the left, you will see links to specific grade-level pages. Since I only see First and Second grades once a week, they are required to complete the assignment linked to their grade-level page. Kindergarten students will find that they have two assignments posted weekly (since I meet with them twice a week). Please hold unto these completed assignments (for grading purposes).


The assignments posted do not require a lot of materials/supplies. Be sure your student has a pencil, eraser and a sheet of drawing paper for most assignments. The links to the assignments will also show what materials are needed. 


Parents: Feel free to join your student as they create their artistic masterpieces! Afterall, what a great bonding experience for the whole family! Creating ART! You can even share your pieces with each other and hang them up around the house. Creating your own art gallery at home!


I hope you/your little one have a wonderful time being creative.