Virtual Learning Friday March 20, 2020

Good Morning Students and Parents,


Today is Friday March 17, 2020. TGIF EVERYONE! After today, we will have completed one week of virtual instruction. I am hoping everyone is having an easy time navigating the site and finding their assignments. Remember: if you need any help, you can email me at and I will help you the best I can. ;)


The assignments posted do not require a lot of materials/supplies. Be sure your student has a pencil, eraser and a sheet of drawing paper for most assignments. The links to the assignments will also show what materials are needed. 


Parents: Feel free to join your student as they create their artistic masterpieces! Afterall, what a great bonding experience for the whole family! Creating ART! You can even share your pieces with each other and hang them up around the house. Creating your own art gallery at home!


**As an added bonus** I found this adorable book to read with your student!  Feel free to either read along with your student, or have them try to listen/read on their own.


Some questions to ask your student during and after reading:

-What was the color Marisol was out of?

-What did Marisol do to overcome this problem? How did she fix it?


Enjoy the book and the bonding time with your little!!


I hope you/your little one have a wonderful time being creative.


-Miss Barone