Virtual Learning Friday April 24, 2020

Good Morning!


Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all had a very wonderful week and that you are all safe and healthy during this time. I know today is promising to be a rainy and cold day. If you are struggling for projects to engage your little one's, feel free to click on the Additional Activities tab on the LEFT (once your student finishes their art assignment). I have uploaded a few additional activities that should help to reduce the rainy day blah!


Parents/Guardians: Thank you so much for continuing to send me your student's artwork. I am very appreciative and love seeing all their wonderful masterpieces. While I love getting the pictures, please do not forget to include your student's Full name, grade level and homeroom teacher's name. This way, I can give them academic credit for the work they have done. It gets a little confusing if the pictures do not include this or come from an email not on file with the district. Thank you again for helping out during this time.


♥ Miss Barone