Virtual Learning Monday April 27, 2020

Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome back to another wonderful week of virtual art. To the LEFT you will need to click on your grade level to find assignments for this week.

Remember: When submitting assignments please include your student's Full Name, grade and classroom teacher. It is extremely helpful when  I am trying to locate a student in the Genesis grading portal. Thank you again for emailing me all the assignments that are completed. My email is

As a bonus, our amazing school nurse has shared a wonderful resource for students during this time. Feel free to share this resource with your kiddos if they are feeling nervous about social distancing. This can be a very difficult time for our students to process the events going on in the world. Sharing this resource might help to break down any fears they are having regarding social distancing. Enjoy and I hope this is helpful for anyone in need of it.


Have a wonderful Monday FLC. I believe in you!

♥Miss Barone