Important Reminders

Please check your google classroom for daily assignments/activities. If you ever have questions on assignments, please send me a message through google classroom. If you aren't using a Chromebook, please download the google chrome browser. You will need the Chrome browser to run Clever at home. School programs won't run without it (example iReady). Please remember, you must use your school email and password when logging in at home if you aren't using a school Chromebook. You will need after your username.  


You are required to login to the google classroom at the beginning of each class period and submit the daily form that I will have created for you. This will allow me to know who is signed into the classroom and reviewing the material for the day. The form is very simple to complete and all you need to do is fill in your first and last name and click submit. As soon as the form is submitted, it notifies me of the time that it was submitted.  Each form will post at the beginning of the designated class period and you will have 5 minutes to sign in. Remember if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me through our google classroom.